A great family

The Saint Mont appellation combines 200 wine growers who cultivate 1,200 hectares of vines. “The wines of Saint Mont are still very young, having been awarded AOVDQS status (Superior Quality Wine with a Designation of Origin) in 1981, and unanimously granted AOC status in 2011,” explains Eric Fitan, a wine grower and President of the Appellation

Meeting the consumers

The wine growers of Saint Mont are also “ambassadors” for the appellation. They never miss an opportunity to tell the Saint Mont story, to encourage people to sample their wines or to chat with consumers because behind every wine grower is a wine that reflects his personality!

Vignerons de Saint Mont à Paris

The passion for Saint Mont

Among these 200 wine growers, some have taken over the family lands and others are “new entrants”. All have chosen to commit themselves to a “collective adventure”, producing honest wines, respecting the AOC technical specification and optimising the vintage blends. They all share “the passion for Saint Mont”, a respect for the traditions of cultivation, the diversity of varieties, the maintenance of hand-picked harvesting and the protection of old plots. These are the little extras which enhance the quality and identity of the wines of Saint Mont – wines from the South West, friendly and outgoing, reflecting the care and attention bestowed on them by the wine growers. Wines that really mean something!

Vignerons de Saint Mont à New York