The Saint Mont vineyard is part of the great family of wines of South West France which includes 17 AOP (Protected Origin Appellation) and 12 PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) wines

The wines of South West France

From the banks of the Garonne to the Lot valley, passing through the Basque Country, the Pyrenees and Gascony, as far as the outskirts of Toulouse, the vineyards of the South West offer a wide range of terroirs and wines.

Toulouse, la ville rose , a key centre in the history of the Saint Jacques pilgrimage, is the wine capital of the South West. Toulouse is located on a direct line between Aveyron and the Basque Country, in the middle of the Compostelle route. For many years the Garonne river and the Canal du Midi were the transportation highways from the South West of France to the port of Bordeaux. This unique geography and history have made Toulouse the perfect ambassador for the wines of the South West.

Carte des vins du Sud-Ouest